The Yin Yoga Podcast

Getting to Know Your Back: Part 1

August 26, 2022 Season 3 Episode 21
The Yin Yoga Podcast
Getting to Know Your Back: Part 1
Show Notes

Most of us think of the back as a collection of tissues; North of the hips and behind the core, supported by the spine. We don’t think too much about it unless something goes wrong. Which, happens a lot. Most adults will experience non-specific back pain within their lifetime. That is to say, back pain which has no specific etiology that can be seen on scans. The back is an incredibly complicated structure anatomically, but even more so when you consider other parts of the experience like the the vascular system and the nervous system. But humans are not just walking, talking tissues. We are embodied selves with thoughts, feelings, beliefs and predictions. These parts of our experience are EVERY BIT as important to our experience as the tissues themselves, maybe even MORE important. So this practice is all about getting to know your extraordinary, multi dimensional back which is a reflection of the complexity and wonder of you as a self. The development of awareness, differentiation and variability in movement in the back is our goal. All of these things are proven to reduce back pain and sensitivity.

Props Needed:

Two Blocks, 2 Blankets and a Bolster

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