The Yin Yoga Podcast

Yin & Somatics: Cherish Your Knees

October 21, 2022 Mandy L Ryle Season 3 Episode 27
The Yin Yoga Podcast
Yin & Somatics: Cherish Your Knees
Show Notes

During my wonderful 3 weeks in Croatia and Greece, I spent most of my time in areas where the sea meets the mountains. Indescribably beautiful, so many narrow streets and medieval villages to explore. But there is a particular feature of these locations, stairs. So many stairs, and hills. I watched countless people stand at the bottom of a daunting set of stairs to some magical scene with a mixture of fear and demoralization. They were concerned about their fitness level but, mostly their knees, and a predicted bout knee pain post stair climbing. I realized that the knees are more than just joints, they are truly the key to a full and robust experience of the world. When the knees aren't okay, your life gets a little bit smaller. Rather than engaging with the world, you are forced to withdraw.

This experience was the inspiration for this class. I believe that we have many things wrong about the knees in our society. Rather than cherishing and revering our holy knees, we have fear. Rather than providing opportunities to build stronger and healthier knees, we protect.  So this practice is all about awareness. A confident, compassionate awareness that reinforces your love for your knees and your commitment to maintaining or restoring knee health. We will practice Yin poses with somatic movements and I will offer a dose of evidence based knee education. 

Props Needed: Yoga Bolster, 2 Blocks and a Blanket

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