The Yin Yoga Podcast

Yin & Somatics: Rehabilitating the Body Image

October 27, 2022 Mandy L Ryle Season 3 Episode 28
The Yin Yoga Podcast
Yin & Somatics: Rehabilitating the Body Image
Show Notes

When people ask me for an elevator pitch about what I do, the quickest, most accurate answer that I can give, is that I rehabilitate body image. Most people believe that Pain Care Yoga is all about stretching. And yes, Yoga for pain care may include stretching, but it's just one ingredient in a very complicated recipe. Each element is part of a process for building capacity and improving body image. This is a practice that includes all of the ways that I rehab body image; movement, stillness, awareness, and education.

Our practice will focus on releasing the low back, hips and hamstrings. Some of the postures and propping strategies in the practice are a little different. If you would like an image gallery of the postures to refer to, please visit

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