The Yin Yoga Podcast

Yin & Somatics for Falling Asleep

November 18, 2022 Season 3 Episode 31
The Yin Yoga Podcast
Yin & Somatics for Falling Asleep
Show Notes

No human can survive without the ability to engage with the world. Our nervous systems are beautifully evolved to help us to attend to our survival needs by interacting with not just the objects and situations of the natural world, but also, other human nervous systems. 

But the opposite is true as well. No human can survive without the ability to disengage from the world. Our nervous systems evolved platforms to help us to release what is outside of us so that we may fulfill an essential need, sleep. But so many of us can't disengage. We spin and spin and never seem to find that deep and restorative sleep that we need to be our best. 

This practice incorporates a simple breathing practice with somatic movements and Yin poses to support falling asleep. Disengage from out there to within for a restful night of slumber.

Props needed: You can do this practice in your bed! If you do you will just need a couple of bed pillows. If you are practicing on your mat, please have a block and a blanket nearby.

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