The Yin Yoga Podcast

Yin & Meditation for Acceptance

December 08, 2022 Mandy L Ryle Season 3 Episode 34
The Yin Yoga Podcast
Yin & Meditation for Acceptance
Show Notes

When most of us hear the word acceptance, we think of giving up or giving in. Our culture makes a virtue of resisting, fighting, wriggling out of difficult circumstances. But there is enormous value in the practice of accepting first. Acknowledging is the first step in self compassion. 

This pod-practice is about moving forward with compassion, rather than squashing our feelings or disappointment or grief. We will explore poses that focus on the shoulders, chest and upper back as we progress through a gentle meditation. Our meditation is loosely based on the Tonglen or Lions’ Roar practice from the Tibetan Buddhism.

Some of the poses in this practice are a bit unfamiliar. If you would like to view a gallery of poses for your practice, please visit:

Props needed: Soft block, thick blanket and maybe a bolster or pillow if your shoulders are a bit stiffer. 

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