The Yin Yoga Podcast

Chair Yin for Travel Aches and Pains

December 23, 2022 Mandy L Ryle Season 3 Episode 36
The Yin Yoga Podcast
Chair Yin for Travel Aches and Pains
Show Notes

Many of my clients experience a pain flare during or after travel. Pain is so complex and multifaceted, so there is never any one reason that it rears it’s ugly head. Often, when pain is flaring in a travel situation, it’s because we have some anxiety and we aren’t moving very much. This practice addresses both issues.

I’ve chosen the stretches we all crave when we’ve been sitting in a car or airplane as well as regulation practices to help you calm your nervous systems to get some perspective or even relief. This practice is a quick and accessible practice that you can do just about anywhere in a chair.

So pop in your earbuds for this quick practice!

Since these poses are unfamiliar, I have created a pose gallery to accompany this practice. Please visit to view it.

Props needed: all you need is a chair :)

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