The Yin Yoga Podcast

Yin & Somatics: Neck Pain Relief

May 03, 2023 Mandy L Ryle Season 4 Episode 18
The Yin Yoga Podcast
Yin & Somatics: Neck Pain Relief
Show Notes

The human neck is a tricky place. It's a complex experience of musculoskeletal, nervous and vascular tissue. But also bound to thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Any of these components of the neck can contribute to issues here.  

For this pod practice I have created a somatic lesson to address this complexity. We will lean mostly in to somatics here with just a couple of Yin poses for gentle tension of the sternocleidomastoid (SCM). This is a very simple practice that you could even do in your bed. All you need is something to rest/slide your head on. 

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